MR SOMEBODY & MR NOBODY is an important businessman from the Gold City in Southern Africa. He drives a Luxury German sedan with his insignia on all four doors. His two personal assistants, Heidi and Sharon, keep his 
official badge nice and shiny so it catches the glint of his gold filling when he flashes a smile and the sun is setting on his lapel. They hold his umbrella over him as the heat beats hot hot and tune out the static when songs about lost love and leaving home play on his radio. Together the three make unpredictable-things-of-beauty that exude Afro-Cool-Universal-Style to sell in their Afro-Pop-Up-Shops to all types of discriminating tastes.

Capturing every possible angle on good times, bad times and strange times, most of what they make sticks in your brain like memories of home. Only Mr Somebody & Mr Nobody is driving and flying and carving and spending to bring your home plucked wood chickens; glittered doily proverbs to live by; Fat Boys made in Ghana that don’t resemble the prototype; multiple use khanga cloths that broadcast warnings about quick love and whirling snakes in the air; plus life enhancing pictures of a piggy backing goat having a
 bicycle ride. Nobody but Mr Somebody & Mr Nobody’s self-awarded five star paraphernalia carries the official INKUKU VERY GOLD SEAL and the paper to prove it.
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